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"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy."

                                                                                     - Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

Grove Park Capital and its investors posses sufficient capital to offer business owners a large cash windfall at a fair price.  We offer a unique advantage for owners seeking a partner to help grow their business, or for those looking to sell their business for liquidity or other reasons, including but not limited to:‚Äč


Trust & Loyalty

There's no greater motivation than working with people you trust and believe in.  Our word is our bond, and we seek to partner with business owners who reciprocate that trust.

  • Seeking exit for non-business reasons (e.g. retirement / health) without a successor in place

  • Preference to avoid complicated sale or to a competitor

  • Owner desiring to ensure the ongoing success of the organization and preservation of its employees

  • Seeking to reduce involvement in daily operations or desiring a more focused role (e.g. sales, board seat, etc.)

  • Serial entrepreneur looking to pursue next venture

  • Company needing additional management, capital, energy, and board expertise to maximize potential and achieve long term growth

  • Non-management shareholders seeking to divest ownership

Grove Park Capital and its Investors have built their careers establishing very strong reputations across our industries.  Consistently practicing Our Values is what ensures tomorrow's success, and no deal or negotiation is worth damaging this reputation. 


Our Approach is centered on a core set of Values that guide each and every decision we make:


Business Owner or Intermediary?

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See our Affiliates if you would like to speak with a seller who has worked with us in the past.


We commit to our partners in the same way we commit to Our Values --- relentless perseverance towards a successful outcome for all parties.  We seek to forge strong, long-term relationships with owners.

We carry an expressive passion for what we do each day; and seek to partner with like-minded business owners who are passionate about what they've built - and excited at the prospect of what it could be.

We will not sacrifice our personal or professional integrity for any cause.  Our judgment is guided by a strong moral compass and a sound, ethical foundation.