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Financial Characteristics


Grove Park Capital seeks to acquire a business which exhibits the characteristics listed below. We realize that every business is different, and very few display all of these traits, so opportunities falling outside these parameters are always considered. Our focus is on profitable, growing companies with a strong track record of success.

What are we Avoiding?
  • Established and mature business with >3 years of operations

  • Passionate middle management team supported by non-union workforce

  • Strong cultural backbone and reputation - history of employee & customer retention

  • Concentrated ownership and no pending litigation

Industry Profile
  • Industry-wide growth with identifiable market tailwinds

  • Niche focus within broader, highly fragmented sector

  • Non-cyclical, recession-resistant industry with defensible position in an underserved market

  • High barriers to entry

We are searching for an opportunity to acquire and operate an existing business from an owner seeking liquidity, retirement or a long-term partner to take the company to its next stage of growth. We value existing customer and employee relationships and aim to preserve the legacy of the business through thoughtful and humble leadership. 

Business Characteristics
  • Nonprofitable, distressed or turnaround situations

  • Very early-stage companies and start-ups 

  • Businesses without clear or identifiable growth avenues

  • Companies lacking differentiation, competitive advantage, value proposition or unique positioning with its core market

  • Most minority stake investments (but welcome equity rollover)

  • Greater than $5 million in revenue (up to $75 million)

  • Between $1 - $6 million in EBITDA (i.e. operating profits)

  • Scalable with high operating leverage

  • Low or modest customer concentration

  • Preference for recurring revenue based business model

  • Preference for low maintenance capex requirements